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This will be the front page of this site that everyone will see when they arrive here. It will list the top 10 players, along with a few links for signing up to play, instructions on how to play and other random stuff (deal of the day or busiest location or some other stats maybe?).

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Drug Deal Of The Day
Name When Drug Sold Profit
Gigabit  25/05/20 @ 09:12 Heisenberg Blue Meth 102,464

Top 10 Dealers
Rank Name Currently Dealing In Worth
1 Gigabit  Birkdale, Southport 1,776,232
2 skbz  Furzton, Milton Keynes 1,057,017
3 PingSpike  Soho, London 696,509
4 hmdj  Furzton, Milton Keynes 619,745
5 U3A Defence Fund  Dover, Kent 158,660
6 LD50  Furzton, Milton Keynes 0
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